I have always been into my health and fitness and came across Crossfit in 2012. At the time I had a background in Aussie Rules Football and Muay Thai kickboxing and wanted to get stronger but keep my fitness up at the same time, so I decided to join a CrossFit gym in 2012. I started training a couple times a week but it didn’t take long until I became addicted due to the variety and movements Crossfit has to offer. I signed myself up for an unlimited membership and have never looked back since.

After training for 4 years and reflecting on the amount of knowledge I had learnt from other coaches, athletes and seminars, I decided to become a coach and once again I have never looked back. I am always eager to pass on any knowledge I have to other athletes so they can reach their goals and be the best versions of themselves, while striving to continue learning to become the best coach and athlete I can be myself.

I love competing in local competitions, especially as a team. To me one of the best parts about coaching and CrossFit is the community. Every day is fun and there are plenty of positive vibes running though the gym which makes my job even more special. My favourite Olympic lift is the snatch, and I love everything about gymnastics from muscle ups to handstands. I think it is important to work on your weaknesses, so for me that means working on overhead strength and my mental strength.