I started CrossFit 2 weeks after moving to Perth from South Africa 4 years ago. It took only one class to know this is exactly what I wanted to do. It was the opposite to what I thought it would be like. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was so much fun and such a supportive environment. The community was what I loved about it most. I have always done sport and lived an active lifestyle, but CrossFit changed my life, not only physically but mentally.

After 3 years of doing CrossFit and having a career in the fitness industry, I decided to take the leap and complete my CrossFit Level 1 qualification which then enabled me to coach.
I love teaching people how to move their body correctly and help them achieve goals they never thought possible. There is no better feeling than a member hitting that new PB.

I love competing in local comps. There is something about being out on the competition floor that I am addicted to, testing how far I have come and pushing myself to my limits.
Call me crazy but my favourite type of workouts are the long chippers. My least favourite are the short and sharp ones, and because of this, I do them the most so I can learn to love them. Through consistent hard work, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!