I have always been big into self-improvement and have an insatiable appetite for learning and teaching myself and other people how to become a better version of themselves. Helping my clients achieve their goals makes me extremely happy and satisfied and I will stop at nothing to make this a reality!

I’m constantly reading and learning best practices on as many aspects of fitness as I can! My passion definitely falls within Anatomy and Physiology. I love studying the deep inner workings of our body to discover and implement the best strategies I can to improve strength and energy system performance. I tend to always be glued to a book or article to help expand my knowledge and improve my athlete’s performance. Human movement has always be fascinating to me as I just see the body a working machine of motors and pulleys, this has helped me a lot especially when it comes to dealing with people who have injuries or rehabilitation issues as I understand the underlying movement pattern or muscle/tissue dysfunctions that cause issues and can work incrementally to build strength and movement in these areas.

My Personal CrossFit Journey is fairly typical. Early on I did everything wrong… Over-trained, moved in faulty patterns, didn’t strategize my programming and ended up with a couple of injuries that stopped me from training for 6 months. This led me to reach out to as many people as I could and study as much as I could to find better training methodologies and to understand why injuries and over-training occur. I have since Approached training in a well thought out methodical process to ensure my clients achieve their goals and mitigate as much risk as they can.

I am a Tall athlete (194cm) which is not ideal for CrossFit I have always had to work hard to achieve progress in my training. I’m not especially know for my gas tank but do like lifting heavy, anything cyclical and anything awkward or skill based. Some of my recent PB’s include: 117.5kg Snatch, 150kg Clean, 150kg Split Jerk, 2km row TT 6:29, 10:00 Max calorie Assault 203 calories. My biggest weakness would be high volume squatting and Gymnastics, specifically C2B Pull-ups and HSPU. I recently just made 13 strict HSPU UB which is low compared to my other athletes but a super proud moment for me who has struggled with this movement for years!

Programming for RFX CrossFit is one of the most rewarding jobs. Being able to see people follow your programs and achieve Fitness goals they never through were even possible is very satisfying. I also privately program for over 10 individual athletes and deliver one on one training sessions focusing on movement Quality, technique and rehabilitation.

I am well aware that everyone has their own path to follow and we are there to help you succeed! I can’t wait to meet you and help you with your fitness journey!