FOR THE Beginner and Serious OLYMPIC LIFTER

At RFX CrossFit whilst our sole focus is to bring you the best CrossFit program of any facility in Australia, we do run a select few specialty classes to help you focus on part of your CrossFit journey.

Olympic Lifting:
We will often run lifting workshops to give our clients the opportunity to focus on core skills and drills in their olympic lifts and to get coaches eyes on you to help provide invaluable feedback about your lifting techniques.

There are so many amazing gymnastics movements and we don’t often get to spend a lot of time in class to really focus on advanced skills. Our gymnastics workshops give you that opportunity to really pick a skill you are missing and learn it in a controlled focused environment.


The Barbell WOD and Barbell WOD Plus 

The Barbell WOD and Barbell WOD Plus programs are not designed to produce a “quick fix” but instead to commit you to a path of long term change and results. Improve your olympic lifting technique, mobility and strength while still having gas in the tank for additional metcon and gymnastic skill workouts each week.