Here at RFX ATHLETIC we value community like no other box!

When you walk into RFX Athletic you can expect to meet an array of coaches who will make you feel welcome, support you immensely and ensure you are well looked after throughout your entire experience.

It is more than likely that some of our members will take you under their wing and show you the ropes because we all remember what is was like when we first started. RFX Members have an overwhelming desire to help other people experience what they have because RFX is one of the most life changing things you will ever do.



The sense of community you’ll find in RFX Athletic, is unlike any other gym. At normal gyms apart from “Are you using this?” or “Are you done with that?” there is hardly any social interaction between members. RFX is completely unique in the way that we interact and bond with one another. And it is like this because we make it that way.

The term “Workout of the Day” already brings promise of banter, angst, the exchange of worried faces, and a whole lot of shared laughter, pain, sweat and exhaustion post WOD. This is what brings us all together as a community. Being able to share with the crew your thoughts, feelings, hardships, progress and celebrating each other’s success and achievements is something to be very grateful for, as not everyone is fortunate enough to be part of a support network and community such as ours.





The importance of social interaction is that it provides support, motivation and encouragement for everyone involved. By offering someone help or advice, showing them support and encouragement, and making them feel part of the crew – you as an individual are doing your part in helping our community grow and become stronger as a whole. At RFX we believe and share in values that help us strive to give our best, and be better than we were yesterday. You may have seen our club values around somewhere at some point. These values are to remind us daily who we are as individuals and that there is always room for improvement and growth. Showing kindness or cracking a smile at anyone who walks past you, lending a hand to those who look in need, and showing appreciation on a regular basis are just some examples of things we like to practice.





Following and practicing these values as members, we feel is just as important. As you know, our staff and coaches very much include themselves in the community by making it a priority to frequently jump into a class and train with the crew, build relationships by regularly conversing with members, motivating the crew to push themselves in ways they may not if training alone, and being involved in anything and everything community related. These values and beliefs are what we hope our growing community of RFX members strive to acknowledge and achieve when they show up to each and every class. Each and every one of you bring something special to our community, and we appreciate everyone who has made a huge effort in welcoming new members, creating a great vibe in the box, sharing inspirational stories of hardship and just giving 100% at every class. It makes our job as staff incredibly enjoyable, so keep being inspirational and remember we are all in this awesome journey together!!!