CrossFit Classes

CrossFit Perth

At RFX the daily CrossFit Perth Class forms the basis of our main training program!

The class is 60mins and consists of 2 parts, Strength or Gymnastics Skill and the daily WOD (Workout of the Day)

Our program is written with a clear path to specifically help progress you towards new strength and fitness goals with regular testing so you can see your progress and just how far you have come with each new training cycle!

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CrossFit Kids and Teens

CrossFit for kids

We have a variety of kids and teens classes for ages 5 through to teens!

CrossFit for kids classes for earlier ages is great for teaching basic skills, coordination and fitness with the benefit of building confidence and resiliance for when the going gets tough!
As the kids progress through to teens, classes start to incorporate more lifting and more advanced movements to keep the teens challenged and coming back for more!!
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At RFX we ensure our coaches are extensively trained and have multiple years of coaching experience to ensure you are always in the best hands and have the necessary guidance and support you deserve!

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